• What do I want to create with my life and what am I willing to do to achieve it?
I'm a certified life coach specializing in relationships, performance, and professional life coach guiding leaders and individuals to live their truest and highest expression of themselves.
Life coaching is about gaining a deeper sense of self (awareness), living an intentional life, and breaking patterns that are getting in your way that are causing pain.

What you can expect:

        • Radical self-discovery
        • Identify ways of being that isn’t working for you and disrupting those patterns
        • Getting completion on your past
        • Value clarification
        • Reduce saboteurs (inner-critic)
        • Elevated emotional intelligence
        • Fulfilling relationship with yourself and important people in your life

💡 Coaching is not the same as therapy. We’ll honour your past and acknowledge how it shaped who you are today and get complete with your past so you can build an incredible life on top. Coaching is a gradual process that requires consistency, support, and space.