What story will you craft with your life?


Hi, I'm Laney Lui.

I’m a certified life coach specializing in relationships, performance, and professional life. I guide leaders and individuals to live their truest and highest expression of themselves.
About Laney

Why Life Coaching?

Life coaching helps you to gain deep self-awareness and transform harmful thought patterns so you can live your most fulfilling and intentional life. 

We accumulate thoughts and behaviours that limit our beliefs and keep us in our comfort zone. Learn how to conquer the personal obstacles that are disrupting your career, personal life, and relationships so you can achieve your own definition of success and fulfillment.

What do you want your story to be?

  • What did you achieve in your career or business? 
  • What did you accomplish in your relationships? 
  • How did you manage your health and well-being? 
  • Where did you find purpose, fulfillment and meaning? 
  • What impact did you have on those around you and the world as a whole?

How Can a Life Coach Help?

You may have been able to create change in your life on your own, but usually this happens slowly and without focus.

You can experience transformational change in major areas of your life with the support of a certified life coach, providing the consistency and accountability required to make sustainable change.

Testimonials from Clients

I would not have achieved so much in one year without your coaching.
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Michael P.
Michael P. Manager, Civil Engineer

Your powerful questions helped me challenge myself to move beyond where I was feeling stuck.
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Emily M. Entrepreneur

It is delightful to observe myself grow through my time working with Laney.
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Joyce C. Manager, Nonprofit


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